The days of waiting for massive static reports, that need to be compiled, are a thing of the past. With POSnet Connect, all of your data is available in real time with interactive drill down capabilities. Numerous hours of management functions will be greatly reduced, freeing you up to focus on your business and more importantly, your customers. POSnet Connect delivers crucial financial and operational data covering topics such as the following, just to name a few:

  • Sales-summary, product mix, sales mix, coupons, payment summary
  • Inventory-actual use, stock movement, controlled cost (ideal vs actual)
  • Labor-summary and labor weekly view by day
  • Loss Prevention-track deletions, voids, low order amounts,
  • Productivity-tracking server and gross profit

Gives the restaurant owner the ability to track employees activities such as deletions, coupon additions, and price adjustment to a ticket. You can sort the way you view the information by different types (location, employee, menu category, etc), and you can define the date range in which you would like to include in your view. With loss prevention, owners can feel more secure in monitoring their employees actions as it relates to their performance.

In the chart below we can see the number of deletions before the ticket was rung up at each location for a single day.


With Product Mix Analysis, restaurant owners can compare menu items between their locations. With a click of a button they can sort out to see what item or location is best performing, sales comparison of items between periods, as well as trends.
In the example below, we are able to see all items sold within the appetizers category for a 7-day date range for all locations.


In the graph below we can see a weekly trend in sales quantity of desserts sold. The chart shows that “6 Cinnamon Twists” was the best selling dessert at all stores.


With store performance you can get an overview of all your restaurants sales, cost of goods sold, and labor in one place.

In the chart below we see all three-metrics mentioned above for a 7-day date range. Other date ranges are available.