Posnet Quick Serve Interface

Posnet has mastered the quick serve interface by implementing restaurant management tools that give both the managers and the employees the ability to work with a proven efficient interface, which will help maintain and grow the success of the restaurant in the high demanding quick serve market. Takeout and delivery order are synchronized with the kitchen printers, and kitchen displays, making the order process fast and accurate, reducing kitchen waste and errors. The managers have a quick view option showing them current pending orders and future order status, as well as the ability to easily manage house accounts. Also, by using the drawer management feature that is part of the interface, the managers are always in control of the status of all the registers.

Table Serve Interface

POSnet table management is a complete graphically designed interface that makes table serve easier to manage. By letting the waiter focus on its table zone, assigning a dish to a specific customer, timing the dish, and the integration of the kitchen printers with the interface. POSnet also includes a restaurant reservation interface , a split payment by the items and a waiter self-managing bank. This way, service is faster and end of day is accurate and easier to manage.  

Special Bar Interface

Larger screen font to make it easier for bartender and customer to view screen.
Also allows bartenders to manage bar tabs for multiple orders. In case a bar customer now wants to sit at a table, POSnet’s Bar interface will allow transferring a bar tab to a table, eliminating the need to close the order before the customer moves to their table.