Hybrid Model

POSnet POS software is both a local and cloud system (hybrid model) at the same time utilizing a unique two-way data sync mechanism. POSnet has 13 years of experience in the dual mode. One of Posnet’s great benefits is the ability to give the restaurant a steady solution that works locally and in case something goes wrong, it can be instantly switched to work online, which has basically eliminated downtime.

No Data Loss

Posnet unique two-way data sync mechanism with the Posnet cloud, ensures that Posnet is up to date all the time and no data loss can occur even in system failure.


Being constantly synced, Posnet’s numerous reports, reflect business status in real time. Running business reports can be done from anywhere at all times whether it’s for single location or across numerous locations or corporate wide, from a central office or from your personal laptop wherever you might be.

Sharing Resource

Posnet’s Reports can be viewed by other management personal on a need to know bases giving the relevant employee or provider, limited access to its business needs. For example, an accountant can have specific access to reports on employee salaries and vendors supply lists.

Real Time Status

Posnet reporting provides real time status of your current “best seller”, who is your most Productive cashier, how much cash are currently at your registers, real time inventory status, and every other detail important to maintain an efficient business. Posnet reporting gives you a clear view of your business helping you plan your future action for short and longs terms.