Q: Do I need a local server within the restaurant?

A: Yes. Posnet's system comes with a local server in the restaurant while keeping the same information on the hosted internet servers. The local server synchronizes with the remote hosted servers every 5 minutes. The restaurant does not depend on the internet to function and the operation is fast because it is done on the local server. If the local server fails, the terminals are redirected to work with the remote hosted server, eliminating any downtime in the store.

Q: Do I pay extra for POS modules/features updates?

A: No. Posnet's Cloud based Point Of sale is all inclusive on the POS side.

Q: Is remote access, browser based?

A: No. The remote access uses the same application running in the restaurant. It has the the same user interface and same functionality.

Q: Do I need to have static IP, VPN or any other 3rd party software in order to access the restaurant?

A: No. None of the above is needed as the remote application accesses a Posnet hosted facility and not the restaurant.

Q: How is online ordering integrated with the POS?

A: The online order uses the same menu as in the restaurant (you have the option to mark items as online only or restaurant only), changing the item in the restaurant changes it on online  as well. The coupons work the same as the menu. After the order is paid using the online interface, the order will appear in the restaurant POS and will print to the kitchen automatically. From that point any change to the order, delivery dispatch and tip adjustment are handled from the Point Of Sale. The order will also appear in all the restaurant reports.

Q: Does Posnet have a special interface for Pizza & Delivery?

A: Yes. Posnet's system has more the 100 unique features for the pizza industry. From free online ordering, visual bottoms for half selection, special pizza buttons, caller ID integration, delivery & order dispatch management and so much more.

Q: Does the Posnet system support visual table layout interface, Bar interface and Quick Serve interface?

A: Yes. Posnet supports table service, quick Service and bar interface.