POSnet’s solution includes data hosting as part of its enterprise system that incorporates a two way sync for Data Base, Configuration and Application. This means that in one central location you will have all the data from all the stores within your corporate account. By using our Corporate Aggregation Reports, you can view and analyze all of your data across all of your locations.
POSnet’s Hosting environment is fully certified with Visa and MasterCard PCI Requirements.

POSnet’s POS deploys a full data sync mechanism between the cloud server and local server that ensures your data is always backed up.
If the server in the location fails for any reason, there is no loss of data as your data is also sitting on the cloud server. When the local server is restored, the data from the cloud server is resynced and you are working back in the local mode.
The backup happens continuously which ensures you will always have access to your data.

Posnet’s POS comes with more than a hundred reports and if you need something unique, we can do that too.
Posnet can create custom new reports according to your definition. When the report is completed (usually within days) it will seamlessly be distributed from our end within minutes and all locations will have access to the new report.
Posnet One Click Report distribution gives you the flexibility to distribute the report to all locations or specific locations within minutes.

By using POSnet's Thin Client Application (running on any MS Windows OS win7 and newer) you can access your data and it’s the same application running in the restaurant.
Remote access with full functionality: Add new Employees, add Menu Items, add Coupons, set Labor Schedule, run Payroll Reports, Product Mix and much more.
By logging in using your Store ID, User ID & Password the system will expose the user to the information based on their security level.

All Stores always have the same version
Posnet’s solution only has one version-the latest!
Continuous free updates to guaranty that your solution will never be obsolete!
If a bug is detected, we resolve the issue and seamlessly distribute the fix to all clients!
Posnet’s solution implements “silent” application distribution mechanism which allows for a sophisticated synchronization for all critical components of our solution!

Posnet’s Online Ordering component is fully integrated with customer information, gift card, inventory control, accounting, sales reports, coupons, kitchen printers (with recipe printing as an option) and so much more.

This is important because you only have to maintain one menu for the store and online. This creates tremendous flexibility including able to activate an item in the restaurant, online or both.